During these past several months we have found some potential gaps in the ABF camps programs while talking to survivors and their families and looking at how we deliver the ABF mission.  So coming into 2023 we will be hosting 6 camps instead of the 4 camps like in past years.

After taking a deeper look at the experience of couples that are burn survivors within the previous Adult Retreat it was clear we could do better; now there will be a retreat for couples. Family Camp has previously been for families of burn survivors under 6 years of age. Through outreach it is clear that a new burn survivor of any age, but especially children, could benefit from a retreat where the family can be together getting information that will help each of their specific needs.

These new camps and retreats provide new volunteer opportunities.  So if you have been considering an opportunity to make an impact with your volunteer time please feel free to reach out now to secure your spot.

We are expanding the Milo & Moxie prevention messaging and the installation of new smoke alarms into the most vulnerable communities in the state.  Knowing how to prevent burn or to manage fire safety helps all residents, and a working smoke alarm will literally save a life.  So, as the holiday season and the end of the calendar year arrive, we ask that as you plan your yearend giving consider your tax credit donations being used to further ABF outreach efforts.

ABF is ever changing to support the burn community and we are open to hearing from you.  If you want to lend your voice to these efforts, join a committee, volunteer at an event, be an educator in your local area for Milo and Moxie or come by the office and assist our team to make these programs possible, we would gladly welcome the opportunity to chat with you.

Happy Thanksgiving!