Samantha’s story is a great example of why Camp Courage is so eternally significant to children that have suffered the trauma of a burn injury.

Samantha was burned at 3 years old after trying to recreate a campfire in her bedroom. She spent two weeks in the hospital where she was visited by the ABF who would do activities with her. Samantha’s mom was still working, so having someone in her room brought her comfort.

You Showed Samantha that she was loved

For Samantha, Camp was always about the unconditional love and support you experience, The second you go there, everyone treats you like you’re their world. Being visibly burned, the thing that used to make you stand out and be considered weird, no longer mattered. That taught me to love and accept myself. The friendships built meant more than anything else in the world.” She made many life long friendships, many who attended her wedding this past December.

Samantha has been involved with Camp Courage for 20 years and attends as a volunteer counselor. She grew up dreaming of being a counselor to be able to show another child how special they are and to give them hope!

Your gift today will be doubled

By now, I’m sure you’re aware that our goal this year is to give children that suffered the trauma of a burn injury the opportunity to attend Camp Courage. Perhaps you’ve already given to help. If so, I am deeply grateful.

But there are still many more children who need Camp. And there are only three weeks left until Camp Courage and to have your gift DOUBLED by a special matching grant.

Please help make the most of this important opportunity. Your gift today will go TWICE as far to help deliver hope and healing to youth burn survivors. And that could not be more important. So many are like Samantha- the only connection they have to the burn community is through Camp Courage.

We’ve got to do everything we can to strengthen that connection.

A gift to ABF, and a little encouragement from caring adults can go a long way. Like they did for Samantha. Like they can for another child if you will make it possible. 

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