On Halloween 2010, Alessandro was burned at 11 months old. An instant cooker full of beans was cooking on the kitchen island when Alessandro pulled on the cord. The instant cooker slid off dumping the hot beans all over him. He had 3rd-degree burns on 34% of his body. Alessandro was flown to the Arizona Burn Center where he was intubated and in ICU for over a month. These are the types of supportive services that a preschool-aged burn survivor, like Alessandro and his family, may require to empower their healing.

  • Virtual Art Therapy
  • Camp Courage
  • World Burn Congress
  • Garments
  • Family Camp
  • Virtual Music Therapy
  • School Re-entry

Your generous donation of any amount will make the difference in a child that had suffered the trauma of a burn injury. Our Virtual Camp Courage will provide each camper with all the materials to create meaningful connections and therapeutic healing at no cost to our burn survivors and their families. Because of donors like you, they can build friendships and confidence in themselves as they have every year!

Alessandro Now: Alessandro and his family have been involved with ABF for 10 years. Alessandro’s greatest achievement has been placing 1st in the Science fair at school. He also has been Student of the Month multiple times. He enjoys playing Roblox, watching TikTok, and YouTube to learn new skills. His special interest is photography- he loves to take pictures and edit them! What makes him most proud and happy is spending time with his family.

ABF Now: ABF partnered with a family camp in California to provide therapeutic support to Alessandro and his family. Their experience helped initiate ABF’s Family Camp to address the unique healing needs of pediatric burn survivors and their families. In 2016, ABF hosted its first Family Camp specific to preschool-aged burn survivors. Family Camp helps parents and caretakers make meaningful connections to address their concerns regarding dressing changes, wound care, garments, and surgeries. Our littlest burn survivors and their siblings engage in opportunities to build self-esteem, make new friends, and meet their favorites superheroes. ABF’s camps and retreats will continue to expand throughout the state to offer a community of resources, compassionate care, and connections.